Top Outdoor Activities in Los Cabos

When visiting Los Cabos at virtually any time of the year, there are a plethora of outdoor activities that anyone can enjoy. While activities such as surfing and diving require some level of skill and experience, hiking and swimming on the beaches are activities the whole family can enjoy. Below are some of the best spots to see while adventuring in Los Cabos.


Located on the Pacific Ocean side of Los Cabos, Playa Solmar is a beach that provides incredible views in a fairly private setting. While you’ll see plenty of boats and activity, swimming here is not an option as there are extremely strong currents and shore breaks. If swimming is something you are looking for, Medano Beach is the place to go, offering calm waters and a designated swimming area. There are also a handful of bars and restaurants nearby which are convenient to access from the beach.


If you are planning to surf while in Los Cabos, Nine Palms reef break is a must stop. A hotspot for surfers for decades, Nine Palms offers rolling waves with an incredibly beautiful backdrop of palm trees to boot. Nine Palms is also a great spot for novice surfers, as it features relatively calm waters and waves just big enough to thoroughly enjoy yourself. As with most surfing spots in western Mexico, the warm waters of summertime make for the perfect time of year to experience the best of Los Cabos surfing.


If you are beginner diver looking for extremely calm waters and comfortable setting, look no further than Lover’s Beach. For the more seasoned diver, head out to Pelican Rock which, while also known for its calm waters, features coral reefs at depths ranging from 10 feet to over 60 feet at its deepest. Diving anywhere in Los Cabos is sure to feature an enormous variety of sea creatures, such as snappers, sea bass, puffer fish, goatfish, manta rays, yellow tail, and even a variety of shark species. Find all this sea life and more as you explore the waters of Los Cabos.


The Water Fall at Santiago is one of the more beautiful hikes Los Cabos has to offer. Local guides can be hired if you don’t want to navigate via a map, and the waterfall provides for a great picnic location if you want to enjoy a lunch after the hike.