Things to Do in East Cape

East Cape is where our amazing vacation rentals are located, and there is plenty of things to do throughout the area! ¬†Whether you’re in town to hit the surf, or play a few rounds of golf, you’ll find East Cape blossoming with activities, attractions, gorgeous sights, and some of the most enjoyable events around. In fact, with so much to do here in East Cape Los Cabos, it can be quite daunting figuring out what to do; fortunately, Haciendo Vinorama is here to help! Click below to see some of the most fun things to do in East Cape!



4With plenty of fishing charters throughout the area, and some of the most incredible fishing spots in all of Mexico, East Cape is the perfect place for your fishing journey; all you need to do is take advantage!










Golf - resized-minPlanning to hit the greens on your East Cape Vacation? We can’t blame you! With some truly amazing golf courses just minutes away, you can spend your entire time here practicing your swing! Trust us; you’ll be truly happy you did!












Scuba Diving

divers-668777_1280-minIf you’re an adventurer, East Cape Scuba Diving is surely calling. Luckily, you’ll find equipment shops, instructors, and incredible spots to Scuba throughout East Cape, making this your new scuba paradise. Click to learn more today!












Surfing Resized-minEast Cape may not be solely about surfing; but, it’s pretty close! With incredible waves, beautiful shorelines, and so much more, East Cape is surely one of the premier surfing locales you can find. Just click and see what awaits!









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If you’re planning a East Cape vacation and are looking for some fun things to do in East Cape, we can help! Contact us today to learn more and see why East Cape is your new paradise!