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Popular Surfing Spots

Of the many reasons people to travel to Los Cabos, surfing is consistently high on the list. With some of Mexico’s very best surfing, Los Cabos is also near the top of the list for many seasoned surfers. The warm waters, mixed with the overall fun atmosphere surrounding the area, make it a surfer’s heaven, attracting visitors from all over the world. One of the reasons Los Cabos is such a good spot for surfing is the number of reef (surf) breaks that litter the waters, making for some awesome waves. There are three major breaks that the area is known for, and you will definitely encounter, if surfing in Los Cabos.
The area is appropriately titled being named after a ship wreck from the early 1900s. While the shipwreck itself was destroyed in a hurricane in the 1980s, the location still bears the name in its memory. Facing south, shipwreck picks up some of the largest swells in Los Cabos and is pretty consistent throughout the year. If you are looking for the absolute best time of year to go, head out in the summer for the best waves of the year.

Nine Palms
Also aptly titled, Nine Palms can be spotted by the cluster of palm trees along its shores. Nine Palms is a hotspot for surfers, and has been for decades with its rolling waves and beautiful backdrop. This location is also a great spot for shallow water longboarding and beachgoers looking to watch the surfing from the shores. Located on the East Cape, Nine Palms is one of the most unique spots to surf in Mexico, and a great spot to learn the craft with its relatively calmer waters. As with Shipwreck and other main surfing areas in Los Cabos, summertime is the best time of year to capitalize on the warm water and premier surfing conditions.
Punta Perfecta
One of the best kept secret surfing sites in Mexico is the beach known as Punta Perfecta. Primarily during the summer months, the waves are just strong enough to break before they crash. Because it is not an annually consistent spot, it is often overlooked by surfers visiting the region, so it can provide for some very memorable and personal surfing experiences all to yourself. Located just a short drive from other surfing sites such as Nine Palms, Punta Perfecta is a great stop if you are looking for more private and less populated waters.