Surfing and Diving

Two of the best and most popular activities to do while visiting Los Cabos are surfing and diving. With both activities requiring some level of experience to do, the Los Cabos region has become a hotspot for trips with those two focused activities in mind. Let’s take a look below at some of the very best areas to surf and dive while in Los Cabos.



Middle Wall

The Middle Wall is one of the most unique dive sites in North America. With the average dive depth being around 10 feet, the Middle Wall features a vertical drop-off that spans from 75 to over 500 feet. While diving on the wall, you get the incredible feeling of not being able to see the ocean floor, though the water is very clear. Large groups of pigmy mantas are known to frequent the area, as well as a variety of sharks.

Pelican Rock

Pelican Rock features one of the region’s biggest “sandfalls” and is located on the outskirts of a giant submarine canyon. Here the types of fish are bountiful and include sea bass, puffer fish, snappers, devil rays, Cortez rays and even moray eels.

Neptune’s Finger

The unique aspect of Neptune’s finger is that it’s actually made up of two enormous coral reefs that combine to make a beautiful spectacle in the warm turquoise waters the region is known for. While the shallowest part of the reef can be seen at 15 feet, the vertical wall drops down to depths of over 500 feet. Here, the residents include everything from sea turtles and goatfish, to groupers and machete fish. Manta and devil rays are spotted at Neptune’s Finger annually.



If you decide to head out to Monuments, it’s important to be aware that it is one of the more challenging locations to surf in the region. Located just off highway #1, Monuments is best left for the season surfing expert as the waves and breaks tend to be difficult to navigate. Appropriately named, look for the monument near the entrance to know you have found it.


Shipwrecks is a spot located off the major roads and primarily accessed by four-wheel vehicles or ATVs. While it is well known amongst the locals and regulars, Shipwrecks is a hidden gem due to its off the beaten path location and difficulty to access it. Check conditions for a strong southward swell for the absolute best conditions to surf here. Head just up the road to access other popular spots such as Punta Perfecta and Los Frailes.