Shopping in Los Cabos



Memorialize Your Trip to Los Cabos with Great Finds at Los Cabos’ Shopping Malls!


From its vibrant street markets to its multi-level malls, Los Cabos has a bevy of shopping options available to the interested traveler. Between the whirlwind of fun-filled activities and breathtaking sights, you might want to take a second to find the perfect memento to bring home—or perhaps to grab an important hygiene item that you left at home! Read on to find out more about where to go for the best Los Cabos Shopping experiences!


Experience the Best Shopping in Los Cabos for All Budgets!


If you have money to spend and you want to spend it in style, there are high-class art galleries like Patricia Mendoza Gallery and Arte de Origen, luxury jewelry stores like Joyeria Brilanti (which features the designs of famed silversmith Ana Brilanti and other local artists), and artisan craft stores like Mangos, which is filled with Guatemalan textiles, Mexican folk art, Day of the Dead figurines, belts, purses, and wood carvings.


Los Cabos Shopping for Necessities


For those last-minute needs like beach supplies and hygiene products, you can stop by Aramburo at Plaza Aramburo. As the largest grocery store in the area, Aramburo used to have high mark-ups on its items to draw more money from tourists, but since City Club, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Walmart moved to Los Cabos, Aramburo’s prices have dropped significantly. So, while you can also find what you need at a familiar American store, we would be remiss if we did not mention Aramburo’s cheap prices and convenient location in Cabo San Lucas.


Puerto Paraiso Mall


You can also check out Puerto Paraiso mall for the ultimate beachside mall experience. It has a range of boutiques that sell everything from clothing and accessories to tequila and souvenirs. Here, you can find a unique keepsake or purchase a swimsuit for the beach. It also has a movie theater, if you’re in the mood for a blockbuster.


Street Vendor Shopping in Los Cabos


Last but not least, there are street vendors on just about every corner selling their crafts and wares. Ranging from tacky to incredibly artistic, the trick to getting the most out of your street shopping is to be tactful when you haggle over prices—a common practice in Los Cabos—and to beware of items that are trying to be passed off as handmade but are actually made in China.


Let Us Help you Find the Best Shopping Centers in Los Cabos


In addition to shopping, Los Cabos has so much to offer in the way of activities and sightseeing! Contact us today to book a condo with us and learn more about how you can have your best seaside getaway ever!