The Best Restaurants in Los Cabos

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Dine at The Best Los Cabos Restaurants around!


Because it is situated between the Sea of Cortez and the North Pacific Ocean, the Baja peninsula is world-famous for both its freshly-caught seafood and its spicy, thoroughly authentic Mexican cuisine. Visitors to Los Cabos have the luxury of experiencing the best of the best. Ranging from quaint, low-cost street taco carts to pricey upscale restaurants, there is a wide variety of choices for the food-minded traveler. Read on to discover more about the vibrant food culture and restaurants in Los Cabos!

Tacos Guss


Starting on the inexpensive end, Tacos Guss is an extremely popular Los Cabos Restaurant to get your street taco fix. Stop by before it becomes too packed, as there is only limited open-air seating. It is popular for a reason; two people can often eat and drink here to their heart’s content and come out spending less than $20.00 total between them. There are several types of tacos for you to choose from, including carne asada, shrimp, pastor, skirt steak, and chorizo with pinapple agua fresco—all served on handmade corn or flour tortillas hot from the oven. Your tacos come with a plate of condiments, salsa, and guacamole. From there, you build your perfect taco!


Burrito Surf


Visitors looking for healthy and vegetarian options will rejoice to find Burrito Surf, one of the most popular Los Cabos restaurants around! Featuring an adorable covered outdoor patio and tables made of re-purposed surfboards, Burrito Surf offers not only a quaint and cozy atmosphere, but delicious food as well! For food, you can order nachos, tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, salads, fries, chips and salsa, and soups. There are vegetarian options, but you can also choose from carnitas (shredded pork), chicken, asada (grilled steak), fish, and shrimp for meat. One specialty burrito—called Hangover—even has the option of chorizo or bacon with scrambled eggs! Burrito Surf also has amazing drinks and smoothies, including homemade Jamaica tea and homemade horchata. There are also children’s items available, ensuring that every member of your family leaves satisfied.


El Farallón


Finally, if you’re looking for high-class restaurants in Los Cabos, tourists would be remiss to pass up El Farallón. Nestled in the seaside cliffs of the Resort at Pedregal, El Farallón showcases a stunning ocean view, where you can take in the romantic ambiance of Cabo San Lucas. With their fresh ingredients switched-out depending on the season, El Farallón ensures that you’ll have a new culinary journey each time you dine. Meals begin with a choice of scrumptious seafood soups with Mexican and Indian twists, while appetizers encompass ceviches that are sweet and wholesome, hot plates featuring exotic items like calamari and grilled octopus, and fresh, crisp salads. For their grilled entrees, you have a choice of various local fish, lobster tail, ribeye steak, clams, and shrimp, with options for family-style sides. To round off the meal, there are Tres Leches cakes, homemade donuts, and Mexican flan. Prices begin at $150.00 per person, but the food is more than worth it! Just be sure to save it for a special night out.


Culinary Bliss for All Tastes

When you’re searching for the vacation experience of a lifetime, look no further than Los Cabos. Contact us today to hear more about the many activities and restaurants in Los Cabos that you can visit when you book your greatest seaside getaway ever!