The Night Clubs in Los Cabos are Hot, Hot, Hot!



Elevate your relaxing seaside getaway from awesome to unforgettable by checking out the best of Los Cabos’ clubs during your stay! With a multitude of clubs in the area that are well-known for their music, dancing, and drinks galore, you’re sure to find something to suit everyone’s tastes. First, you’ll need to make your way downtown, since that is where the hottest clubs make their home. Read on to find out more about what the nightlife in Los Cabos has in-store for you!


Pink Kitty Night club in Los Cabos


Get wild at Pink Kitty Night club in Los Cabos!! You can’t miss Pink Kitty Nightclub when its quirky mascot—a man dressed in a pink cat costume—hangs around outside the front door! This club hosts dance parties with EDM and house music, and often gets packed before midnight. The dance floor isn’t big, so you have to get in quick if you want your pick of the floor! Ladies drink for free all night long on Ladies’ Night. Trust us; when it comes to clubs in Los Cabos, you can’t beat the Pink Kitty!


El Squid Roe


El Squid Roe is another great option for tourists looking to make some memories. This Los Cabos club is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, invigorating music, hopping dance floor, delicious drinks, and its ample size. It has two floors of fun and craziness for you to explore, with the bottom floor dedicated to tables and booths for bottle service. You can even dance inside the indoor bus, which is painted to look like Britain’s flag!


Mandala Club in Los Cabos


For a club experience that is a little classier than your standard fare, head to Mandala Club! Featuring upscale Asian décor, hypnotizing lights, a dance floor, and several dancing poles, Mandala Club has an atmosphere reminiscent of a Las Vegas club without the extreme costs. Surprisingly, your most cost-effective option for parties larger than two people is to order bottle service—otherwise seating is very limited. The only downside: the club takes a little while for its energy to pick up, but once it does, people usually stay until closing time!


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