Explore the Many Beaches of Los Cabos




When you visit Los Cabos, Mexico, you have the fortune of being between the powerful North Pacific Ocean and the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. There are a myriad of Los Cabos beaches that border these two bodies of water, offering a wide range of activities and sightseeing for any traveler.


The Los Cabos Beaches to Go Swim, Surf, and Soak Up Some Sun


Depending on what type of experience you are looking for on your vacation, there are a number of different beaches in Los Cabos suited to everyone’s tastes. Just be sure to bring your camera and remember not to disturb the local wildlife!


Medano Beach


Situated right in the middle of Cabo San Lucas, this Los Cabos Beach is extremely popular for its designated swimming zones, easy access to water sports and other fun activities, and the ample number of bars, restaurants, and boutiques close by. People often spend their entire day at this beach and do not grow bored.


Lover’s Beach


The world-famous Lover’s Beach (also known as Playa del Amor in local Spanish) is located in Cabo San Lucas, facing the Sea of Cortez. Taking a water taxi from Medano Beach or the marina is the best way to reach this beach, with the average price for a round trip costing $20.00. Lover’s Beach has ideal water conditions for sun-bathing, swimming, and snorkeling. Alternatively, Lover’s Beach has a companion beach named Divorce Beach—aptly named for the rough, unforgiving nature of its undertow and its dangerous shore break. Unfortunately, this beach is not for swimming, but it is still worth visiting on land.


Widow’s Beach


Playa Las Viudas, or Widow’s Beach, is the perfect beach for someone who is seeking the feeling of seclusion. Even when the area becomes more crowded, the beach’s unique volcanic rock formations and many coves still make it easy to find a private spot. Widow’s beach in Los Cabos is great for its snorkeling, swimming, and exploring tide pools.


Surfing Beaches


Finally, if you’re looking for awesome surfing conditions, Playa Costa Azul and Playa Acapulquito (or Old Man’s Beach) are prime candidates. However, you will want to exercise caution when making the trip to Playa Costa Azul, as it is really only for advanced surfers. It is the home of infamous La Roca surf breaks and Zippers, and hosts surfing competitions every year. Beginners can swim at Playa Acapulquito during calm seas, and head to Playa Acapulquito to take a class at the local surf school.


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